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About BPOP

Wicksie Integrated Solutions Business Process Outsourcing Programmes (BPOP) redefine the Business Processes associated with Procurement, Logistics & Administration within an organisation to create greater operational efficiencies.

At the evaluation stage of discussions, both parties work closely together to clearly understand the explicit requirements and objectives of the Customers objectives to establish if a detailed analysis should be undertaken.  The basis of these discussions is to determine an outline structure for the 'Partnership' and define the specific requirements necessary for the programme to succeed.

A clear understanding of the constraints within the Customer's organisation are required to enable Wicksie to determine the parameters of the ongoing proposed programme and ultimately, whether or not the Customer is in a position to deliver and fulfil the pre-requisites to enable Wicksie to move forward to a full business proposal.


The Basis Of Any Business Proposal Is Built On Detailed Analysis

At this stage, the Wicksie project team will conduct an in-depth Customer site survey to collect data.  Typically the Wicksie team will prepare one or more site surveys to collect or confirm information necessary to form recommendations for the Customer and normally involves Operatives, Suppliers, Outside Equipment Manufacturer's (OEM's) and others, who may have information critical to a better understanding of the processes relating to the issues faced by the Customer.

A thorough understanding of a Customer's requirements and objectives, provides Wicksie's project specialists with the foundation upon which to build the bespoke BPOP.

With the data and information collected from the survey research and the interview process, the results are compiled into an initial discussion document that supports the findings.

The Wicksie team will then meet to discuss the implications for the Customer and formulate recommendations that relate to the requirements of the project.

In-Depth Outsourcing Experience

After in-depth analysis of the Customer's current position, Wicksie project and operational specialists will then present a comprehensive business plan that details the survey findings and conveys specific Wicksie recommendations to the Customer.

Based on its findings, Wicksie will formulate a bespoke BPOP that will recommend new processes and procedures to Redefine, Redesign, Streamline and Automate the Customers Operational Methodology. 


The Implementation of Wicksie's BPOP Differentiates and Identifies the Expertise Brought to the Customer.

The implementation process for each BPOP is based on a specific framework of proprietary design measures and success criteria that are created for each individual project. Each programme includes the availability of on-site and centrally based Wicksie project and operational specialists, who will establish and run the storeroom management and inventory control systems required to ensure each BPOP is functional and effective.

Depending on the various design measures and recommendations set up for each individual programme, the implementation process may include the following:

  • Technical Support / Logistics
  • Order Handling
  • Cash Flow Management
  • E-Commerce Material Services and Management
  • MRO Storeroom Management


Key Performance Indicators

As an integral part of Wicksie Integrated Solutions commitment to Quality Control Procedures, each Customer BPOP includes a number of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) measurements for continuous improvement. Based on the design of the programme and its expected results, customised audit reports document and measure the progress and effectiveness of the BPOP on a time-lined basis.

Each BPOP design will determine the measurement parameters set for each initiative and may include the following:
  • Total Cost Savings
  • Total Process Cost Improvements
  • Service Levels
  • Standardisation on Use of MRO Items
  • Preferred Supplier Status
  • Inventory Levels
  • Stock Turn
  • Inventory - Slow & Obsolete
  • Productivity Improvements

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Whatever your needs we can help you to make the decision that's right for you.  With 24 hour assistance, you can "bounce" your thoughts to our team at any time. 

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Our team will get to know your business from the ground up, and help to re-train your team to work smarter faster and more efficiently with a full development plan.

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After our initial process investigation, we can help you define a strategy for implementation with the minimum amount of impact to your day to day running.