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Professional Procurement

Wicksie Integrated Solutions' procurement staff focuses on creating supply chain alliances with MRO product vendors to ensure optimum products at controlled costs.

The professional sourcing of these products ensures maximum purchasing leverage, economies of scale and ultimately the standardisation and consolidation of Customer's global product files resulting in:

Vendor Base Reduction by:
    Removing Duplication and Fragmentation
    Encouraging Consolidation

Inventory Reduction through:
    Rationalisation and Consolidation
    Replenishment Control
    Obsolescent Planning
    Multi-Site Database Control

Product Sourcing from:
    Preferred Supplier Programmes
    Product Standardisation Programmes
    Fail Safe Unit Cost Benchmarking

Product Plan Resulting in:

    Inventory Ownership

    Product Part Numbering

    Inventory Consignment and Management

Technical Support

One of the most challenging issues to overcome in supply solutions relationships is to satisfy Customer's requirements for professional technical support.  Wicksie has invested heavily in the critical area of Technical Support by ensuring its specialists are continually trained in the latest developments in manufacturing and product.

Wicksie Integrated Solutions also has logistics, business process and IT specialists working in every area of the supply chain, ensuring that the optimum solution is, and continues to be, in place.  We are fully committed to building open, collaborative relationships with suppliers and have forged strong links with alliance partners who provide structured technical support within all projects specifically aimed at adding value to the BPOP. Customer Satisfaction in Technical Support is heavily dependent on the outsource providers' ability to:

  • Specify Products for Particular Applications
  • Introduce New Products
  • Repair Products and Perform Warranty Work
  • Train End Users
  • Answer Technical Questions
  • Troubleshoot
  • Redefine Processes
  • Improve Logistics

Technical Support is the primary influence in productivity improvements, material usage and application savings.  Productivity savings may occur when a new product, process or procedure is introduced that results in lower operating costs, faster production, and/or higher quality output. Generating productivity savings is particularly critical in Wicksie Integrated Solutions' relationships with its Customers, where the central goal of the programme is to reduce total costs and provide yield improvements.

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Whatever your needs we can help you to make the decision that's right for you.  With 24 hour assistance, you can "bounce" your thoughts to our team at any time. 

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Our team will get to know your business from the ground up, and help to re-train your team to work smarter faster and more efficiently with a full development plan.

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After our initial process investigation, we can help you define a strategy for implementation with the minimum amount of impact to your day to day running.