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IT Supply Solutions

Inefficiencies in supply chain management can be caused by lack of visibility and poor connectivity in the chain that links business functions e.g.:

Original Equipment Manufacturer - Distributor - End User

At the heart of Wicksie Integrated Solutions, lies a state-of-the-art IT System designed to deal with Supply Chain Solutions, which offers a breadth and depth of functionality that satisfies the needs of any size of organisation, whilst providing the scalability required to ensure an appropriate match to individuals' requirements.

Ours IT infrastructure includes software which has been developed in partnership with leading IT Specialists in procurement and supply chain integration.  This software facilitates the consolidation of IT for Customers by eliminating the need for existing and often disparate systems; and by streamlining the requisitioning, purchasing and distribution of non-production materials, ultimately eradicates fragmentation and duplication in the supply chain.

Developed through front line experience of supply chain management issues, Wicksie has continually invested in IT programmes that deliver improvements in: 
  • Price
  • Process
  • Productivity

Requisition Browser Technology

Based on an advanced browser technology, Wicksie Integrated Solutions' e-fulfilment system provides Customers with a simple but effective interface to enter single or multi-line purchases.

Linked, via the internet or private network, to central processors that ensure a secure trading environment with real time inventory allocation, the resultant reduction in paperwork and administration, combined with real time information systems for monitoring and reporting, add true value to our Customer's logistical and administrative requirements.

This system captures multiple data elements that are used to track both expenditure and usages, whilst also providing credit limits by individual or cell users, who are pre-authorised by relevant Company management.

Our browser technology can be adapted to meet individual Customers' requirements, and can be translated into any language. The end user interface can also be modified to reflect the Customer's own corporate branding requirements.

Browser Highlights
  • Full E-Commerce Capabilities
  • Easy Access Through The internet
  • Simple, Intuitive Screen Layout
  • Order Entry Includes Customer Defined Fields
  • Full Authority And Validation Procedures
  • Order Approval Based On User's Spend Limit And / Or Commodity Base
  • Global Product File Enquiry
  • Personal Product File Enquiry
  • Facilities Spot Buys And Specials
  • Enquiry Facility
  • Fully Configurable To Customer Requirements (Including Branding And Inter-Company Trading)
  • MRO Storeroom Management
System Highlights
  • Fully Expandable Global Software Solution
  • Managed Data Centre
  • Bar-Coding
  • EDI
  • Consolidated Invoicing
  • Owned Or Consignment Stock Compatible
  • Full Management Reporting
  • Auto Purchase Order Matching
  • Traceability

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Whatever your needs we can help you to make the decision that's right for you.  With 24 hour assistance, you can "bounce" your thoughts to our team at any time. 

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Our team will get to know your business from the ground up, and help to re-train your team to work smarter faster and more efficiently with a full development plan.

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